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We take care of everything for you. From Setup or Transfer to Updates and Maintenance



All our servers are secure so your data is always kept safe


All our prices are checked to ensure you get the best deal

We do everything So you don't have to

We offer Website and Email hosting on our secure servers that are monitored 24/7 and updated regularly.

You can transfer your domain over to our tag (Don’t worry, the domain would still be in your name and belong to you) for us to control and we could take care of everything for you. You wouldn’t need to worry.

Whether you are wanting to Host a Blog, Website, Online Shop or Web Application, We can help.

Our Email Servers are setup to allow for POP or IMAP and both are secured using SSL. Our servers are also setup to run an Anti-SPAM service to control SPAM as standard, so there is no extra charge.

We also offer a Hosting Exchange service for Emails. This is based on the very popular Microsoft Exchange Server. This would allow you such things as shared Calendars.

All Emails can be configured to use on any device and if you dont have your device with you, access your Emails via our Webmail Program

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& So much more...




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