Simple, Secure, Fast, Affordable

Military Grade Encryption

All user data is encrypted locally with military-grade encryption prior to transfer over an SSL connection. Users can choose a managed encryption key or a personal key for added security.

Backup locally and online

A sound backup strategy involves both a local and an offsite copy of your data. Windows users can take advantage of local backup in addition to online backup for faster backup and restore capabilities.

Available wherever you are

Our service includes file synchronisation and mobile access through our mobile app. How many times have you copied work to a USB drive to take home? Our file synchronisation makes working from anywhere easy.

Support when you need us

We are available 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a week so you can be sure that should you need any help, ddSharpIT are on hand to assist.

Backups are Important!

Could you afford to loose all your Data?

It is always a great idea to backup your data in case anything should happen to your server or pc. As well as offering bespoke scripts to backup your data to an external HDD, we also offer an online backup solution. This is perfect for backing up your data.

Got things you can’t possibly loose? Important company data? Family Pictures? Just a few documents? Whatever it is, we know its important to you. We work closely with the worlds most trusted provider of cloud backup to offer you the perfect solution.

With online backups, you can feel safe in knowing that everything is backed up securely and away from the office, should the worst ever happen. The online backups are quick and effortless. We would take care of the setup, initial backup (Please note, Initial backup can take hours) and the continued monitoring and maintenance required. After the initial backup, only the files that you changed are backed up.

Benefits off backing up with ddSharpIT


Automatic and simple


Secure and Reliable


One time setup


Offsite Storage


Standards Compliant


Mobile Access


Application Specific Protection


Low Cost


24 hour Support

Don't wait until it's too late